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Agents Choice Insurance Agency, Inc.A referral based agency since 1995

In 1995, Agents Choice set out to establish a trustworthy referral-based insurance agency that would provide a “parking space” where agents could safely place declined or rejected clients with the knowledge that their other lines of insurance would be safe from poaching. We want to make sure that every referring agent has the opportunity to insure their client in the future.

Agents Choice staff; servicing your high risk insurance needs since 1995

Agents Choice is a privately held insurance agency incorporated in Ohio.

We are composed of dedicated professionals, licensed in more than 40 states, representing more than 200 years of combined insurance experience.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, we offer friendly, professional service and a secure place for each unique referral.

The Agents Choice
Commitment To Referring Agents

Agents Choice will:

  • Help your clients obtain non-standard insurance, supporting them with professional service.
  • Protect your other lines of business by promising to never cross-sell or compete with your agency in any way.  We only quote what you refer.
  • Provide a referral summary report, on a quarterly basis, helping you bring your referrals into your book of business, once they meet your underwriting criteria.

We've built our business by offering the quality service your referrals deserve - and by keeping our word for more than 20 years!

The Agents Choice
Commitment To Our Customers

Agents Choice will:

  • Always treat you with the utmost in professionalism and care.
  • Provide you with timely quotes with the best rates we can find.
  • Do everything in our power to make your experience with us a positive one.

By staying true to our value proposition, we have become the go-to referral source for company exclusive insurance agents across the nation.

Our Mission

We will maintain our reputation by treating all referrals with the utmost in professionalism and care, never cross-selling or competing with any exclusive agent and by providing referring agents with a quarterly referral summary report to help them bring their Agents Choice referrals back into their book of business when their underwriting criteria are met.

More About Agents Choice

Agents Choice specializes primarily on difficult auto and dwelling insurance. The company was founded to address the needs of exclusive, or captive, insurance agents who found themselves in a bind when their insurance company cancelled or non-renewed a client. 

Wanting to help their former clients, agents would refer them to a local independent agent for non-standard or high-risk insurance. While the independent agent would take on the new client, they would frequently offer to bundle other lines of insurance for that client. This practice would take even more business away from the referring agent.


"Excellent service. I never hesitate to refer your company. Rates are better than the state plan. And, you are helpful when I need to call. "
-- PA Exclusive Agent

"Thank you for the recent visit to our office! We love the quick reference card ... We look forward to sending you more referrals! Thanks again for your time."
-- AZ Exclusive Agent

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